Sunday, February 10, 2013 Healthy Snacky Stuff

So hey! I got my box in the mail the other day. And I have to say. It really is fabulous. I was supposed to write about this much sooner, but I wanted to try all the food first.

The idea behind is that you'd order these boxes (which, I might add, are only $5 for an actually awesome amount of healthy food) and you'd have four presumably "unhealthy" snacks replaced with healthy food. I prefer healthy food now-a-days anyway, so this is just an inexpensive way for me to afford to actually have snacks. Because at the store such a thing would be about $5 for a single snack, as you know.

I think the idea is perfect, and it kind of is a big help. I don't usually have a lot of food on hand, due to money issues and issues getting off campus what with my hectic schedule. But once a week, this comes right in the mail, and that's four days that I can have a snack at work or what not. Perfect.

When they send snacks, it's all kind of a luck of the draw. You can rate what kind of snacks you prefer on the site once you sign up with a code. The first and fifth box is free, but you'll have to find a code first. (And you'll need to search around on Tumblr if you need a code, because my four were all used up by now.) There is this chocolate covered honeycomb thing I really want to try, but I don't get to pick exactly what goes in. I like the randomness of it -- it's novel.

So this week, I had Florentine, Nacho Libre, Tutti Frutti, and Mississippi BBQ Pistachios.

- Florentine was my favorite. It consists of aforementioned dark chocolate, cranberries and pumpkin seeds. It's pretty much perfect and the combination all works well together.

- Nacho Libre is considered among the 'light' version of the already healthy stuff they send. I really loved the salsa almonds. It's just spicy enough.

- I am not so much a fan of pistachios because of how you have to open them and all... but this recipe was worth it. Not too salty.

- I liked the Tutti Frutti, especially the pineapple. I think the blueberry infused cranberries were unique! I am neutral about it though.

These are best enjoyed with tea, I have to say. Although and health food... seems like a legitimate combination.

But anyway, I don't review stuff much. I just wanted to get the word out about this! Hopefully some of you can join! (:


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