Sunday, February 10, 2013

Coffee Makes Everything Better

(Hello everyone! This is the Fiction II class 'Artist Date' for this week! Enjoy the nonfiction!)

You know how sometimes you find yourself on a date with a really awkward person? Kinds that are very hard to understand or seem to be speaking in a strange, nonsensical mode of English? Well, that would be me on my artist date with myself – on a morning without coffee. Today I saw the world through under-caffeinated eyes. I don't even understand why this idea even popped into my head – it is ludicrous, at best. I woke up as the morning was shifting to afternoon and decided not to make myself a cup of coffee – I wanted to see how this would affect my worldview in all seriousness.

I sat until about half past three trying to focus on homework. I had no problems, to be honest. I got a small amount of work done for this class and for another. I would've liked to have written more poetry, but I noticed right away that my brain was not cooperating creatively. It was all fuzz and grey. I decided the best way to finish this awful artist date was to go to Lake Effect CafĂ© to remedy the lack-of-caffeine problem, and to see what the outside world would look like on a random Sunday. 

Well, I was lucky that traffic was not a problem, because under the circumstances, I was disillusioned. Usually I look up in wonder at the sky and the trees – but not today. I was cold, and the world was not as interesting as the prospect of a coffee and a good book. I think the day itself alludes to the fact that I indeed have a much larger problem. I've been chattering about how coffee makes everything better – because it does – but ignoring that I'm a sorry addict to the beverage.


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