Sunday, December 9, 2012

With All My Heart

|Credits: [x] & [x]|
There are supposed to be words here. Right. Words. Got it. 

Alright -- Something amazing has happened! As you may or may not know, I run a little etsy shop called Katie's Jewelry. The other day I was talking to the owner of the Fey Dragon about my crafts, and friends of mine vouched for me. I think Carrie and Kris were there with me. So I said I would bring in a few pieces. The night before, with the aid of my apophyllite stone clearing my head a bit, I made four pieces that I would eventually photograph and list in my shop. I figured she just wanted a necklace for herself, but that was not the case.

Four of my necklaces wove their way into being part of the stock at The Fey Dragon. Two have sold thus far. I am so honored and proud that they are displayed there. I'm still in awe.


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