Saturday, December 8, 2012

Change or Remain the Same

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I don't know too much about druidry or anything like that. I have a bunch of pagan friends in my room right now, and the first suggestion was to write a post on druid things. Silly me, I don't even know much about celtic mythology at all. And all this time, my whole life, my family has always harped on how awesome it is to be Irish. (Oh and it is awesome, let me tell you.)

I would've thought, however, that we would've known more of the folk songs, the recipes, the myths...or at least other irish stories. But not really. We're a typical american family who idolizes our roots, but researches nothing. I think it's kind of funny. And actually, it gives me something to learn about.

I've been on a kick of writing in regards to school work and how it can get to the point of being incredibly overwhelming. But I'm gonna switch gears for a second. How about learning new things?
How about moving in a different direction for just a step and see how it goes? I mentioned I don't know anything about druidry yet -- at least nothing cohesive to share about. But that doesn't mean I won't go look up some stuff and try to figure out the gist of it.

So some of the things that I have always done -- that work for me, but don't always fit in with the rest of what I do:
Circles -- I've been following a heathen path for a while now and have never attended or attempted to perform a blot -- which is the norse terminology and tradition.
Crystal and Herbal magic -- I'm just starting to work with other ways to use magic -- and I'm understanding differently what magic might be. Because there's never any one answer.
Book of Shadows Keeping -- I'm normally really bad at keeping a written journal of any kind -- so I tend to write refined ideas down in my BOS -- I think I need to really work on getting it filled and full of information to keep my thoughts in order -- because my notebook's a mess (unrefined ideas, lol.) 
Reading Norse Mythologies -- I need to branch out and read more literature on other paths... not just books on the 101 level about practicing, but actual old, scholarly material on the histories and mythologies of other things.
Subtle Magic -- I was never one for ritual magic, mostly because I don't understand it much. I tend to (unfairly) equate the ritual to theatrics and drama, and kind of have been ignorant of the fact that ritual gets your brain into a different mode -- and hey, it may make things more effective.
Relying on Basic Clairaudience -- I've understood the hearing spirits thing since I discovered the voices behind that buzzing I have always heard...that was almost ten years ago now. I have gotten better at understanding and differentiation -- but I haven't made an effort to understand how and why. Maybe I should.

There's a lot to be gained from researching and aiming to learn. And then, there's even more in recognizing that there's a need to study. And, even beyond that -- recognizing there's things on your own path worth evaluating, even if it is comfortable as-is.


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