Friday, December 7, 2012

It's Dangerous to Go Alone! Take This.

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I can't believe the end of the semester is coming up so quickly. It's almost dream-like. I'm glad for it, of course -- but I don't know where the time has gone. I've been really looking forward to winter break, because I had a class that really wasn't my cup of tea. I felt I wasted my attentions on it. We all encounter a class like that once in a while.

But finals week starts on Monday. I don't have an actual exam until Wednesday morning. The rest of what is due is a creative nonfiction essay revision (which will be really awesome,) and a take-home exam where the answers are written out for the abovementioned attention-wasting class.

I don't see the point in giving in to the notion that I should be stressed out or overwhelmed. I'm usually somewhat alright at getting things done in enough time. I've scheduled Sunday to get the exam finished and Monday to make whatever draft I'm at for the nonfiction piece the final one.

I understand though that some people just can't handle the stress of it. So what are witchy ways to deal with this sort of thing? I'm the one that's always shouting "TAKE THIS ROCK! IT WILL HELP!" or "DRINK PEPPERMINT TEA, YOU'LL FEEL BETTER!" (And I kid you not, I do shout about it.) It's true though. Peppermint tea tends to help clear out the head a bit -- and it helps if you have stress related headaches, especially behind the eyes -- or stress related stomache aches. (Oh but I'm no doctor -- don't ever substitute tea for medical attention, guys.) Peppermint also smells very good, despite the tea being bitter if brewed too long or in water that's just a bit too hot. I don't know a ton about aroma therapy, but peppermint seems to calm pretty much everyone down that I've shared this tea knowledge with.

What else comes with stress -- and I experienced this first hand with my first roommate's reaction to finals -- is kind of a self-loathing feeling. Like no matter how much you study or how hard you work to get things done, you'll never get the grades you know you deserve or need. That's what the rose quartz is really for. That stone, along with a piece of Tiger's eye can bring back the good, loving feeling you need to cope with the stress of this time in the semester. Rose quartz is specifically the stone of love -- and a lot of the times it works with its wearer/user to bring about self love. The other stone, brown tiger's eye, that can help reduce stress from academics. (Red tiger's eye works this way, too, I learned.) Both together, if you want them to, can help reduce the anxiety and loathing or depression you might be feeling.

I might have said before that witches tend to have a million different home remedies for everything you can think of. I hope my couple of solutions helps someone in some way like they've helped me.


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