Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Songs They Sing

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I've always been a lover of crystals and semi-precious stones. When I first started all this "Pagan Stuff" nine years ago, the information on the metaphysical properties of certain rocks intrigued me the most. My solution to pretty much everything is either -- "Here, take this rock." or "Drink some peppermint tea." Of course, I won't tell you it replaces medical attention where that is needed, but for minor things, that is what has worked for me and the people I am close to. I've found a lot of illness is a temporary result of stress -- and crystals tend to help keep everything balanced.

Yesterday, I was at the local Pagan store (another promotion for the Fey Dragon. Love you guys!) and they had just got in a new shipment of stones and crystals. The event was a social hour, and the energy in the back room near all the rocks was fantastic. I was first introduced to apophyllite there -- and how I described the hunk of raw green stone (as I was forced to not look at it at all) -- was that it was happy, high energy but still calm. That was right! There was another clear stone that had been cut -- I have no idea what it was. I was told to close my left hand around it, and I felt as though the energies wanted nothing to do with being closed off. The store owner and the Reiki master who was there just laughed -- and I missed exactly what the stone was. But it was interesting. Then, I was shown apophyllite pyramids. MAN. I love those things. They clear up the third eye chakra very well, and balance you out psychically. Needless to say, all the empath/clairaudient facets of my brain picked right up, and I heard all the spirits/critters in the shop clearly after I placed the stone in the middle of my forehead. Needless to say I needed to eventually aquire one. I felt as though I could write another 12 papers that night and still feel alright. (I almost cried right there in the shop when the owner gave me a piece in exchange for the copy of the Great Lake Review campus literary journal 3 of my pieces were published in. Really.)

 I try not to leave the shop without purchasing something -- anything from a $1.00 tumbled stone and up. It is the least I can do for taking up a lot of time in the store (and pretty much basking in the positive calm energies therein.) So yesterday, I also left with a fantastic piece of quartz. I know what you're thinking -- it's just quartz, right? Nope. It's never 'just quartz.' The strangest thing happened. There was a tray of huge points that I was focusing on -- they were nice. They pretty much absorbed all the peace in the room without being told to. But then I shuffled through to check out some of the smaller pieces and ones that looked like wands. ONE OF THEM made this beautiful sound as I dropped it back in amongst the other quartz. Previously, I had never heard of singing quartz. But of course, as soon as I heard that note, I had to have that piece. I didn't know if it was yet for sale, but that quartz was to be mine, as soon as possible. It was so close to how the spirits sound to me before I focus on their energies to understand what they are trying to tell me.

When I got it home, I looked up the metaphysical properties of it -- and it is said that singing quartz are good for communicating with the "other side" -- whatever that is to the individual -- and it also enhances or aids in clairaudience. (I have a mind to write a creative nonfiction essay on exactly when I realized my ... gift ... in this department. I was twelve. I am now nearly twenty-two. Once the spirits know you hear them, they will seek you out, I assure you.) Not that I needed much assistance in that, but I really, really love this crystal -- so I keep it on me now along with an iron oxide quartz point just so that it makes that awesome ringing sound when I wish to hear it. It's got a really high energy and if I hold it too long in my left hand, it travels up into my shoulder. It's a strange feeling.

The point being that sometimes the energies of these crystals will call out. Even if you have other stones of the same kind, there are ones that are supposed to be yours. That is how I felt with both pieces of selenite that I purchased and with the singing quartz recently. In the past, I had that happen with an amethyst matrix, an amethyst point, a citrine point, a labradorite wand and a rose quartz point. The singing quartz, by far, has been the one with the best connection to me. I didn't even have to look when I picked it up again to purchase. I just reached over, felt the energy of it calling, and was like "This one made a really nice sound when I dropped it back into the box of quartz." Such is the way of things. Personally, I accept these things. My altar is naught but a place where the stones rest. It is their energy that works to heal -- not so much mine. They do deserve all the respect in the world.


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