Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Spirits and Living Elsewhere

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I'm sitting in the office at my workstudy job with Heather Dale's music playing on an extremely low volume. I forgot my headphones, and there is absolutely nobody around right now -- it gets a little eerie. I'm always thankful for some background noise when in one of the academic buildings. Of course, this part is renovated, and I haven't actually met a spirit attached to the space. Only those that pass through.

I got an offer recently to move off-campus with a couple of really amazing kids of similar mindframe as me. The house we will be in has been converted into three apartments, which is fantastic. It is a bit of an old house and there is a church right behind us. I have a feeling there'll be a bit of a commotion when we move in June first. I don't know exactly what is or isn't there, but I am excited about it. I have a strange facination with spirits, even if it's scary and overwhelming sometimes to hear them moving through.

I know that in the lease, it is forbidden to use incense. That probably also means sage smudging before anything gets moved in. It is a religious thing, so maybe I can ask the landlord about that... If it is a resounding no, I know a few ways to cleanse a room without that based on just the years I've been in the dorms.

For one, I could get some sage oil and dab it on places like door frames and window sills. I could also hang dried sage on doors and/or in windows. That is what I have done in the dorm and at home -- my parents don't smudge the house or burn sage incense, of course. I also learned from a friend that Florida water can be used to cleanse spaces. She uses it in a spray bottle. I am leaning towards liking that. According to what I learned from her, Florida water is a citrusy cologne, is used in the south for not only "perfume" but also for hoo doo magic and, of course, cleansing. The name refers to the fountain of youth. That's about the extent of my knowledge on the subject. I'll have to find some way to learn more about it. I also am unsure of gemstones themselves that could cleanse a house in the way sage does -- but I know a bowl of salt with some obsidian will rid negativity. Salt in general is good on windowsills and thresholds to keep unwanted folks out -- that and the power of will. I also heard that if you make a besom and put it near the door bristles skyward, it will fall over when a particularly annoying or unwanted guest is about to come knocking. I'm not sure about that one's validity, but I plan to try it as soon as I learn how to make a besom. That would be neat.

I wonder what others have in mind without candles or incense as ways of cleansing a household before moving in?


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