Thursday, December 13, 2012

Singing the Siren's Song

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I know this post is exceedingly late. It matters not -- I'll still reblog at a normal hour while at work tomorrow. I'll start the post after the actual work is done if there is any.

Technically it is later today. And later today I am going home after a long semester. I think I mentioned once before that I don't like to stress over finals. That's just another stepping stone. There will be a time for stress -- but finals shouldn't be it. Hang on to an obsidian, let out a deep breath, and let it go. And hang in there.

I'm thinking again about my book -- now that I have time to write more than just character sheets or writing prompts based on my characters. My goals after Yule vacation -- READ. WRITE. CREATE. (That means art, and jewelry) -- as well as tame down my mom's two really derpy parrots for kudos points.

I know I wrote earlier in my travels about being inspired by mythical creatures -- and that is where I'm headed once again. My brain wants to make it alright to rearrange mythology a little bit in order to give my characters the freedom they need. I am hugely and deeply inspired by what was written in mythology -- that cannot be ignored. That said -- who says things cannot be changed?

Have you ever tried to create a world from scratch and make it work with your characters, who already live and breathe inside your mind? It's a tough job. Especially since no one person can fully understand the vastness of the world we already occupy. There are so many facets to life as we know it that it seems almost like an impossibility to recreate even something mildly similar. I'm going to try my best though.

Some things to keep in mind -- these are gonna be like notes to self:

The world must be whole without needing to be explained. While Tolkien was and is great -- it is difficult to get through the history of world where it is mostly expository details -- (Think Histories of Middle Earth and certain Silmarillion stories) in this age where people need fast fiction like they need fast food. I still believe in the readers who would believe enough in me to change that...

I think it will take more skill than I possess right now to fully realize this concept. Could I be a great writer like Tolkien? Or George R. R. Martin -- a similar task was placed in his hands with Westeros. We kind of get the history bit by bit in A Game of Thrones, but not in an expository way. I think Bran asked about the Children of the Forest first, didn't he? I could be wrong.

I'm going to try my best and keep trying until I finish my novel. I'd drink to that if I had a glass of something right about now. Coffee will do.


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