Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Witch's Son

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As much as there are disturbing things about this piece, I absolutely love it. For one, because it so different -- don't we usually see artwork inspired by witches' daughters? The fact that this is different really caught my eye. It's perfect. I saw it on Tumblr the other day.

Another thing -- there is so much going on in the scene, objects everwhere, actions happening, things to look at, setting to percieve outside of the room -- it never gets boring. You discover something new with each view.

I want to write in a way the evokes such wonder as this image does. My brain is literally running on fourty-five minutes of sleep and I still didn't finish all that needed to be accomplished. The floor in my room is still covered in bird seed. The birds' things are not yet packed. The drip tray of the coffee pot still goes neglected. My bed is unmade.

I get to go home today.

Earlier -- in a post that was meant for the previous day -- I mentioned my want to write more and read more over break.

I really will find a way to write in a way where my scenes always invoke a new sense of things each time they are read and reread. I'm inspired by this.


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