Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Closer Look

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Do you ever just sit outside in nature and observe things? Or even stare out the window at the oncoming snowstorm and notice little details you may not have otherwise payed any attention to?
Me too. Today, I was at my friends' house up in the woods, and a storm blew across the area early in the afternoon. I stood waiting for them to finish getting ready to go out in public, and watched the snow drift through their dining room window.

There were some not-so-obvious things -- the plow that moved through and almost clipped the mail boxes as it shoved snow out of the road. The broken branch that will fall off if just another few grams of snow settle in just the right place. How miserable the grey squirrel actually looks to be out in weather like this. The one black feather that settled on a shrub and was slowly being engulfed by the snow. How the snow itself was very light and drifted in the slightest wind where leaves hardly felt the need to respond.

It is interesting what sorts of stories arise just from closer observation. The world may seem incredibly large just by looking out across the area as far as you are able to see -- but there's a whole other world to pay attention to. The small details. The things you normally wouldn't notice. With a closer look -- as I may have said in posts before -- even very ordinary scenery seems so much more complex than previously imagined.


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