Friday, December 28, 2012

Path Building

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I think that paths, especially in terms of paganism, tend to change pretty rapidly. We are constantly learning new things about our craft or about the religious aspects of our chosen pantheons. Certain life events and difficult choices mold a new fork in the path -- and we are faced with left or right once again.

I am an eclectic pagan, so my path has been built on a foundation of small factoids. I began with a small understanding of Wicca -- found that it wasn't for me entirely, and moved on. But it's still there -- kind of like original cobblestones under the pavement of a new main street in town. Along the way, I have included myths and lore from several pantheons -- Celtic, Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and especially Norse -- but also several others. There is also the fact that I would be a geologist if not for my lack of mathematical skill. I try to learn as much as possible about crystals & stones, their symbolism and the energy for healing they naturally carry. I also am beginning a study of herbal remedies. (And for almost 3 years now, I find constantly that peppermint fixes almost everything.) There are also secular witchcraft things -- like candle magic, enchantment, charging -- things like that.

I'd like to learn more about energy work that hasn't anything to do with elementals. Being empathic, I think it's really interesting that I don't always have as much of my own as other people do. I seem to subsist on the positive energy others project -- and get drained by their negativities. I'd like to really work on clairaudience and maybe try and discover if I have potential with any other psychic oddments about me. I need to figure out a way to memorize the Tarot and I'd like to really get to learn runes a bit more.

Path building, in essence, is the realization that there are places to walk, but nothing paved -- and then taking the initiative to pave it yourself as you go along.


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