Saturday, November 24, 2012

Spirits vs State of Mind

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Today was a pretty busy day. Not so much in terms of shopping, (I mean, WHO actually has money for that these days?) but in terms of catching up with an old friend of mine.

I stopped by the local pagan store in my hometown called "The Pointed Hat," and in catching up with my friend, missed that we had spent hours chatting and missed the fact that the store had closed five minutes ago. I usually blog well before this, too.

We got speaking about spirits, because -- naturally, that's what happens when talking with me, I guess. She brought up a really interesting question which I'll brush over briefly --

She wondered if what she saw and labeled spirits were actually spirits or simply products of her depression and/or OCD?

I thought it was a valid point. I don't have the experience of those states of mind, but she does. She said she saw them more often without her medication than with it -- and that is what intrigues me the most.

For what society deems "crazy" -- is it actually crazy? The only way I know that she experienced one of my house spirits is because I heard it passing through as she saw it as a face outside of the window.

But you begin to wonder if people are incorrecty labeled as mentally unstable or have a psychological disease -- or if they label themselves as such... just because they can't comprehend or understand what they see, hear, or feel (ect.) in terms of The Other Side/ Realm and spirits.

It's like the sun is blaring right where you're looking, but you're told for so long that the sun doesn't shine in the middle of the night -- you don't believe what you see, even if you know it is the truth.
People treat ghosts/spirits the same way -- as mental apparations and not actually there. But the truth... if you can call it truth, I suppose it would depend on your worldview, is what you make of it.
If you see (or otherwise experience) spirits, you're not necessarily crazy unless you believe it when you are told that you are.


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