Saturday, November 24, 2012

Free Tea and Northern Winds

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So today, in the stack of mail that my sister had so kindly shoved into the mess that is the desk in the bird room, I found that I had recieved a free sample from the Republic of tea just a day or two before I got home.  Okay, so I thought Teavana was excellent... and it really is. But this tea was great. I think it was mostly because it was free, though.

Another thing. It got really cold today in spite of the free tea. For a while we forget that each day inches toward winter when New York insists on having very off-the-wall weather -- for instance, I left Oswego and it was warm enough to wear flats and a sweater as opposed to a coat and boots...bearing in mind that it is later in November. How strange...

I'm somewhat glad that Winter is just around the corner though. What with the wind and the slight bit of snow upstate, it reminds me that my semester is almost over, and that, my dears, is really all that matters. I've had a rough last few weeks and have been in an awful class that I can only praise in that it made me realize what I didn't wish to study.

But all is well. Again, time is moving.


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