Sunday, November 11, 2012

If This is My Fate

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Some of the things we dream about seem pretty pointless. Other times, they are not. Sometimes they reoccur for a while, and then disappear. Some of those dreams we deem nightmares, and hold them with us as fear. Sometimes they just stick forever, and never go away.

Sometimes, you dream them when you are not asleep. They come as visions that completely tear you from reality into this vision of the future. All of a sudden, you just know what is going on, what scene it is and why your emotions are what they are. You are completely in the vision as if it is right this moment happening. The scene is short and your worst fears or best wishes play out like you're the actor in your own movie.

Then, the thunder crashes. You are told you are strong enough to move forward and meet this fate. Reality drops down again over your shoulders like snow off of a tree branch hanging above your head. Tears of joy or terror fall, and the prayers begin. You are either glad or scared to death that you have been shown what will be. Sometimes you can't tell which.

The question is, do you accept this? There are many paths, not just the one. No matter if the dream has occured every month for ten years, with this time being a waking vision, there is the option to change your path and get out of what has been shown.

If you don't accept, you can cry and pray until you see the sun between the thunderclouds rising above the lake. It is unclear if anything will change. It is unclear how to change that future right now. But as you run out of ways to run away, you'll begin to fall asleep. If this is really your fate, and you've been told you can handle it -- what next?


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