Saturday, November 10, 2012

If There's a Will

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Today I walked down to the Fey Dragon because there was a Saturday to celebrate. Always when we go there, it's like a time warp. We intended to stay maybe an hour. It turned into two, and then we had the fourty-or-so-minute walk back to campus.

We have amazing conversations there, as to be expected from the town's Pagan store. The atmosphere is so relaxing, and the people (spirits, too) are always so nice and willing to communicate. If I can get there, it is well worth the time spent. If I have money (which I hardly ever do) it is also well worth the money spent.

Today we spoke about the owner's paper being published and opening the eyes of a group that had offended her and, in general, many non-christian people at the conference. I didn't read her paper, but I did read the email the person sent back to her. It gave my heart a little hope for society in general.
That they would take responsibility for what went wrong and why, and accept a criticism on a whole conference was phenomenal.

But you know what they say, if there's a will, there's a way.

We spoke of Norse/Asatru type gatherings where when oaths are spoken, the group (especially the one who does not partake in drinking, the Keeper of Words) holds you to them. If you make an oath, you are required to keep it. If that is not will, I'm not sure what is. I also feel that to break an oath would be devastating; it would be like slapping each member who heard you speak your oath right in the face.

My goal is writing, too. I want to write and be published more than anything. I know I have to start small. If I swear that I'll get published, then I must get published. I don't feel as afraid of that anymore. I still have this hesitation because I don't like the idea of failing.

But I do agree. If there is a will, there is a way.

I can't make my oath in writing -- I feel as though I need to use my voice and speak it soon. It will have more significance since I don't speak out much (verbally, anyway.) It will transform into more than just an idle wish. It will be something more solid and unbreakable. If I can't put my ultimate goal into oath form myself, nobody else will. This will must be my own.


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