Friday, November 9, 2012

If You Catch a Leaf as it's Falling

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So today was a really good day. I wasn't feeling melancholic or anything. On waking, my roommate was hilariously addicted to her Tumblr and so the morning was filled with jokes back and forth and laughter to spare. Even though I could've used more coffee before class, speaking french so early in the day just happened to be enjoyable too.

Today was also the day I changed my majors around. I dropped English and switched the Creative Writing from second to first major, and then added Native American Studies and Anthropology both as minors. As I was walking from Mahar hall to Culkin hall on the path that runs right next to the stone circle, a leaf fell from a tree and was carried in the wind just in front of me.

I caught it by accident as I adjusted the strap of my bag and stretched a little to relieve my shoulder of some of the weight of my textbook. The leaf landed right on my hand as I finished stretching. It was yellow and rounded, as most of those strange trees out on the quad tend to bear. There were still little spots of green near the veins on the leaf and some of the edges had been chewed away by whatever bug decided that this was the way it should be. Of course, I locked my fingers around it and grinned from ear to ear. Why though?

Well, my grandpa has always told me that it is insanely good luck if you catch a falling leaf before it hits the ground. I figured that if it made itself be caught without my effort, than it really must be extraordinarily lucky. That I caught this before I changed my majors and minors around must have meant something, too.

I'll harp on observing your surroundings once again. I said in an earlier post that sometimes omens can be really good and point out positive occurences in the future. It is my belief that this leaf that fell into my hands is a sign that I have begun walking where I ought to be -- that things will turn out interesting and generally good. That it is the last few weeks before winter takes the rest of the leaves from us -- I think it was a good sign too. Just in time I caught luck when I needed it most.


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