Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Attune Yourself

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How do you explain magic to someone who cannot comprehend that it is part of a true story? They have minds that swim with fantasy novels where sorcerers belong -- not the real world. Not here on this earth. To them, there is nothing Magic outside of creative thinking.

I was in a meeting today with my professor and we spoke of creative nonfiction -- personal essays, and the like. I don't consider my life particularly strange outside of the fact that I am a witch and do practice cool metaphysical-y things. My life is woven with magic and religion; with creativity and imagination. So essentially, my life is witchcraft. It is magic. There is no clear separation. Even my "normal" daily activities are laced with my religion. A cup of coffee isn't just a cup of coffee -- I set the stand which holds my Keurig K-Cups up next to my altar. Whomever shares this beverage with me will get the calming effect I intended. Coffee hour with me is like group therapy -- we all talk, and we all listen. And we all have coffee, which is a plus.

Walking to class isn't just walking to class -- in the moments I am outside, no matter how miserable the weather is, it is first for the same reasons as an individual of another faith would go to church. To feel closer to that which you worship. Ah, well. For me, that would be the Earth and the Gods that exist because our early ancestors had no other answers. The mundane part of being outside in any weather is because, you know...class.

Not only do I just weave in the witchcraft and religion into my daily life -- but I am also an empath. Every single day I deal with the emotions of others. Sometimes pain if it's really bad or really sudden. If the day is long and I am surrounded with a lot of people with poor attitudes, when I am finally able to be alone, I hardly have the capacity to feel my own emotions at all. Certain types of emotion become incredibly overwhelming -- anything from extreme negativity or self-hate from others to unrelenting nervousness or anxiety  -- to that weirdo who is always exceedingly happy no matter what. (Oh if you read this, Germy, you know I'm speaking about you.)  I'm good at feeling nervous all by myself, that I know. Sometimes I rely on the happiness of others to lift my spirits on days as mentioned.

In living like this and dealing with everything that must be dealt with, I find a small fragment of my answer. How do I explain this to those who don't get it? Well, if you attune yourself to your surroundings and your faith, you'll find the answer. I think it's different for everyone, isn't it?


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