Thursday, November 15, 2012

Definition or Divination?

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There's a constant question with me when I get to reading Tarot or studying the Runes. Does this define the path that you are on or does it divine a way things might go? Or does it reveal to the reader how things have been without having to ask you? Does it define you?

I went to a Divination class at The Fey Dragon a while back on a Saturday with my roommate. It wasn't on what the cards meant or what the Runes meant -- it was really just about actually reading. But I still ponder -- what exactly is it?

Divination is the use of intuition and other tools to see some of many future possibilities. It does take into account energy, the past, the present and any spirits/magic at work around a person. It does give a clear definition to the reader of who you are based on all these things. It feels sometimes like a little cheatbook written in bold marker was written right before my eyes when I read for some people.

I have a couple of Tarot decks and the one I will be working with is Crow's Magick for a little while. It doesn't have the traditional imagery as other decks do, but I want to work with it anyway. Because at that point I'll have to force myself to stop being so literal (definition of cards based on what the author(s) say(s)) and start being more intuitive in learning the cards (definition of cards based on what I know and what I understand from "The Other Side" as I'll call it.)

Before, I used a very pretty deck called Legends: Arthurian -- and it is pretty straightforward with me. It is mine and it likes me and my energy and hasn't lead me wrong. This new deck is cozy and comfortable, but it laughs. It wants me to challenge myself and learn something new.

"You're not an English Major anymore," I remind myself. Because it's true. We're not constrained to scholarly sources when finding the meaning of things with this Tarot -- and though I treated symbolism the way I used to for school before -- I have to find a new way to see this one.

I'm still learning the Runes, too.

And I think it works to define me, strangely. When it is my own intuitive response to the symbolic meaning of the cards, it shows who I am and what I value. So in essence, yes. Divination is also a definition of the self.

I'm going to stop using those words now... C:


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