Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mermaids: The Body Found & The New Evidence on Animal Planet

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...were wonderful mockumentaries. I really love the concept behind them and yeah I agree that it’s all about humanity’s impact on the environment and our general inability to coexist.

But if you want to think outside the box a bit — who is to say that co-evolutionary aquatic humanoids couldn’t have ever existed? So we don’t really have proof, but I like the idea — it’s like believing in aliens. We have no “proof” of them but, the universe is large. And they did say something I’ve heard before both of these shows — we know more about the surface of the Moon than we do about the bottom of the ocean.

And on the mythology? Yes. Seafarers forever across many cultures (some of which may not have ever made contact or perpetuated cultural diffusion whatsoever) have stories about half-fish women, sirens, mermaids — the like. Sometimes they’re good — sometimes they’re bad. Again, even these stories kind of warn humanity about their inability to coexist.

I think the important part brought to attention in "The New Evidence" is the fact that governments, despite the fact that there are marine mammals (I'm talking whales) that can be harmed by such work, will still drill for oil regardless of the safety and health of animals in the areas they wish to drill. Again, this is a finger pointing to the state of affairs -- a point in time where we as a species use people and value things, as the saying goes. We use and abuse and pollute our planet. SO IF a new species was even discovered -- would efforts be made to conserve them? Or would the quest for, say, oil -- would that still take center stage?

I, as a writer and a witch, want to believe in actual mermaids -- but this wasn't compelling enough for me to suspend all disbelief. The CGI ... well -- I wish they had better effects artists, to say the least. I understood the whole program and the follow-up as more of self-commentary on humanity than a debunking of mythology. As I scrolled through Tumblr, I kept marking ones that states similar things and said aloud "EXACTLY!"

I think it's perfectly fine, too -- to believe in mermaids and to entertain the theory of co-evolutionary aquatic humanoids. As I stated before, it's like believing in aliens. Anything is possible, and as a witch -- I confirm in my own mind that anything is possible indeed. It depends on worldview and perspective. I don't think this mockumentary was based in tons of hard, cold, science-y research, no. But I think the theory is there. That's the thing about Sci-fi. There are theories, and where science can't make proof appear, writers come in make some up for story's sake. For making new answers to the "what if?"

I’ve been writing a lot of pirate fiction since about mid-semester, and this sort of thing was just the inspiration I needed to create more monster-esque Sirens. I like the idea of these creatures not being able to morph at will between a human form and a "water snake" form, as I have written. I like the idea that they would be purely aquatic and aggressive towards humans -- without magic, but without explanation, too. Monsters to people of a time long past -- say, to the pirates on the Caribbean seas.

I am a writer, at the core of me. So -- I love stories. Simple. So even though these programs had the world in a tizzy, I think the concept of Government’s involvement with ecological matters and how we, as a species in general, have not been careful about existing amongst other life on this planet is a wonderful message. Sometimes it takes a damn good fictional story to make people start to think about more important, underlying themes, though.

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