Sunday, February 3, 2013

This Time, It's Not What the Cards Say

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(I really liked the idea of posting my Creative Writing assignments to my blog -- the Artist Dates. So here's this week's! Enjoy!)

...Remember when things were simple? It's just a normal question I ask myself from time to time. Today, I walked down Bridge Street to The Fey Dragon, which is Oswego's own store for all things witchy, pagan or otherwise metaphysical. 

I tried to go in with the intention of not spending much money. All things considered, there will be bills to pay eventually, and I can't give up my coffee addiction. Rather, I won't – so on I go, talking with the owner about pagan altar constructions and how certain cultures have closed religions, yet oppressive cultures like our own waltz in and literally steal their spiritual practices anyway. It was an intense conversation, as it always is. I learned a lot, as I always do. Eventually, my friends had their pieces to speak and items to buy, and so I wandered off in the direction of the Tarot cards. 

Only, I didn't buy just another Tarot card deck – I picked up something called an Oracle deck, which is an entirely different thing. And while there could be an entire story all on its own about intuitive divination systems and being on the extremely sensitive end of the psychic scale myself, I'll skip right to the point. 

With my experiences lately, and getting to understand the new decks I bought – I noticed mostly that it's all about overcoming that self-doubting picky little voice in the back of your head – the one that tries desperately to convince you that you're wrong, crazy – meant for the nuthouse.
But hey, when something I “see” turns out true, it might do to pay a bit of attention. I am a psychic. And it doesn't matter what others see when they look at me or listen to what I have to say. However much I wish I had learned this sooner – the fact is: it's really just that simple.


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