Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What Weather?

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Crazy me. I decided that the pouring down rain seemed like fun weather to walk in. Only, it was just past 9pm and I had no idea where exactly I needed to go. The day itself was a little nerve wracking – I have not been able to get a single textbook for my Anthropology classes and all I could wrap my mind around was homework – and how much of it I would need to catch up on. That is, if I was lucky. So, instead of worrying about the weather, about money, about homework – I walked outside on dark and stormy night.

I think it's hilarious how I caught myself looking over my shoulder, or staring off into the distance at anything that moved. I never noticed how much more ominous the world seemed at night – especially with no clear destination in mind. I had walked back from class at 8pm before the rain started and did not face the same creeping feeling as I did afterward – that something was surely amiss. Of course there was no lack of sound – perhaps it was just the simple fell wind that caught me off guard. I couldn't hear much over the sound of it and the rain pouring down all around me. It was just over a half an hour later that I wound up sick of cars driving too close to the sidewalk, fearless (and probably oblivious) to what drenching a Witch with puddles of murky street water might bring to them in the future. Some would call it Karma. I'd call it taking no shit.

It was then that it dawned on me that weather and bad drivers was hardly a reason to be upset. I had chosen this walk on this day in this weather. Maybe they really were insensitive creatures, but under normal circumstances, would I even have been there? Incensed and uncomfortable, I made my way down past the Campus Center to get back to Riggs hall. It's so funny how people affect us this way. One moment, when nobody's actually out there in the dark, we're on edge. The next, when people show up and break our fiction and force us out of our own head space, we're pissed off. Maybe I don't have to be sarcastic the next time I start a story with 'crazy me.'

(This was a strange, but useful assignment for my creative writing class -- observation by doing something out of the ordinary. All of it is nonfiction! Sorry for another blurb -- I will try to write a really good informative post tomorrow. I forget how busy school is after such a long break!)


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