Thursday, January 17, 2013

Too Grey

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I know in New York the weather can be pretty strange. Yesterday, my Dad got snowed in, for instance. But today, when we went out to get groceries, all the snow had pretty much melted. My roommate said once (which I believe was a quote from a meme) "Welcome to Oswego, where the weather is made up and the seasons don't matter!" -- and that, my friends, is the truth.

So today, even if it is warmer, it's not the best of days. The sky is grey, and it has been really hard to be motivated enough to do much of anything -- including blog. I have a few projects in front of me, and I'd much rather stare out the window and watch the icicles melt. Seriously. It's that bad today.

I should be used to the lack of sunlight. It's the middle of winter, and hey -- I live in Oswego for most of the year. But it's affecting me today. In spite of this crappy blog post, which I won't be sharing all over the internet, despite the fact that I have indeed written something today, I will be making some jewelry. Might as well.

So wish me luck to write better tomorrow!


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