Friday, January 18, 2013

Another Day, Another Inspiration

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Today is another of those days where I will need more coffee than I thought to get from 11:00am all the way through to whenever I decide to finish working/writing and go sleep. But I don't mind that one bit.

I feel a bit more inspired today, which is great -- I haven't in a couple of days. Though it's not as sunny as I would like it to be for jewelry photography, it is a bit brighter. AND I HAD AN IDEA!
I'm working on Chapter IV of my story, "A Harrowing Path." I am not well versed in much of the Celtic mythology. I have been studying the Norse pantheon for a very long time -- almost half of the entire time I've identified as a Pagan. But I think if I take the time to familiarize myself with some of those stories and archetypes -- it would prove to be very refreshing. I write a lot of fantasy inspired poetry, and often tie in little Norse details here and again. If I study a bit more in depth into the mythology and really get to know the pantheon's names like I do for the Norse, then it would be like a fresh breeze over my writing.

We get to a point sometimes where new is fantastic, but seems like a terribly large task to tackle. Even something so little as to pick up a new set of myths can be great. To a normal person, it may be just a different story. To a Pagan, especially an eclectic, it means a great deal more. It's like an addition to the self. I know I lean more towards Heathenry. And I know a few basic stories (like the one of Lugh and Balor, for instance. I tell that every year on Lughnasadh.) in the Celtic tradition -- but delving deeper and looking at it in more of a scholarly way will be nothing but beneficial.


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