Thursday, January 10, 2013

Silmarillion Inspired Shenanigans

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I love birds. I think that becomes apparent sometimes on my Tumblr -- I'll go on sprees of reblogging all birds, any birds... especially parrots. I have been caring for two sweet budgies named Quill and Gimli for just over a year now, and I love them to bits and pieces.

Well, today -- I went to the local Petco in order to get more food for my parakeets and to say hello to the ones that unfortunately have to stay there in the store until they're picked by some good owners. There was this one beautiful baby, and not a single other bird looked anything like him. I wasn't there to get another bird. I have to say that at my Petco -- the birds are actually loved and looked after -- maybe not cared for as well as I would like, but still much better than other places. But anyway, I didn't intend on rescuing this baby, but my sister weaseled me into it. This baby bird is perfect, I swear:

See what I mean? He's singing to Paramore's "The Only Exception" here.
So, I caved. And I saved him from the pet store. He's been home for just about 3 hours now, and is already making friends with Quill and Gimli. He's been playing and singing, and everyone's sharing. He hasn't been knocked off of a perch or away from food or water. I had them out of the cage for a while, and he was preened by Gimli, and sat on my shoulder. He's still a little timid, but it'll take a few weeks to build up the level of trust I have with the other two.

All seems well.

Anyway, I've named him Ollie, which is short for Olórin. That would be Gandalf's original name as written in Tolkien's "The Silmarillion." I believe Ollie is a Recessive Pied Skyblue Yellowface (Type II) and maybe even a dilute -- we're waiting on the first adult molting. Because Quill is a recessive and Ollie's cere is the same color as Quill's -- we're almost sure it's a he. Even if not, the bird will be Ollie, short for Olórin either way. Just out of respect for Gandalf, of course.

That's the news for today, folks! Wish me luck with training him!


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