Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Matter of Perception

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There's a certain stillness to winter that we seem to perceive. I've been fighting a cold lately, but usually I would be out in the weather observing things, at least for a short while. The truth of the matter is there is no such stillness. Have you ever witnessed anything  beginning to freeze? Maybe the small puddle of water that formed from a melting icicle? In some sort of endless cycle, while one source of water melts, another freezes. And if you look close enough, the water moves as it freezes.

If you look at the scene as a whole, you may ignore the almost invisible movements going on all around. You see a scene you could paint -- and it freezes in your mind as such. Even in a macro photograph, the movement of what is captured is forgotten.

Many metaphysical things can be viewed in much the same way. I am guilty of looking at things from a perspective that made things much more difficult to fully understand. I take a lot of what I read academically and frustrate myself the instant it makes no sense or when there are no "examples" to follow for practical experience -- or even more so when there is no way to tell if what I put into practice is "right." That point of view is ignoring that things are moving and changing. However difficult it is, I would have to see the topic as something flexible, for no two minds are exactly alike. We may manifest our understanding all in different ways.

I speak of trying to focus on developing my clairaudience into a skill, rather than a gift/curse. I have a theory that the reason why visualization of energy work or actually seeing spirits is difficult for me is because I have always heard these things. If I can focus just enough, I may be able to pick out the differences between hearing A.) A Spirit (which I can already distinguish between human and non-human, but that's the extent of it) B.) Energy for magic moving through my space C.) Natural sources of raw energy (Like in crystals, but I feel that more than hear it... I may be able to focus enough to hear it, though.) D.) Living people's energy, present or distant, in my astral space. And E.) What I'm barely introduced to in "energy work" to be pieces of "constructs" -- shields happen to be a part of that.

I think once I can develop the skill enough to have sounds specific to each category instead of just different frequencies and volumes of electric-like buzzing, it may be easier to determine if I have done anything "right." Of course the whole "being right" thing is really just a matter of perception. No matter what questions I may ask or how insecure about a lesson I am, whoever is teaching me -- be it a text block on a website or an actual person -- can only give me the information as they have perceived it and made use of it. If it has to work differently for me, I first have to be the one to believe firmly enough in my skills, gifts and knowledge to trust that I could very well be "right" and be willing to work from that point.

Things are constantly in movement in real life -- in nature. There is no stillness. If you want to work with nature, you probably need to shift out of "photograph" mode and into "observation" mode -- however beautiful and artistic a clear-cut picture is, the movement of life is lacking in that representation -- and that's really what is needed to really build your skills from. Just like a textbook can only do so much to teach you -- a narrow mind frame can only learn so much. If I shift perspectives and begin again with a broader process of learning, I may figure these things out yet.


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