Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Yule Vacation

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This will be my last post until probably Christmas Eve. Not that I wanted to break my stellar blogging streak -- but I just don't want to bring a computer along on vacation. I've a long train ride, and I think a book, some paper, my phone and MP3 player will be quite enough without being burdensome. Tomorrow there's a bit I have to prepare for and I need to sleep early, which means I won't have the time to blog I don't believe.

I'll still write though! I don't know how well or whatnot -- all things considered -- but maybe I can get a good poem or short story out of the train ride there and back again. If I post them, will that make up for my vacation off from blogging? (:

To be honest, I am incredibly nervous about getting mixed up for all the transfers. But I'll do my best. I'm going to Maine to be with a really awesome friend for Yule. I've been looking forward to this for quite awhile, so hopefully everything goes alright. My mom is making a platter of homemade cookies and jam to bring up to their family. It's funny, but a nice sentiment. Gods know -- she would never let us go anywhere without sending a bit of homemade awesomeness with us.

I'm hyped for vacation. I've been debating how I'd celebrate Yule whilst away. I make a big to-do with my family usually. I tell the holly and oak king story and maybe another legend. I tell about the sun coming back and the progression through the wheel of the year. We drink a little tea, mead and/or wine, light a few candles and exchange a gift a piece. Then I do a small circle and sit quietly until a chime candle burns down. At holidays there's a bunch of things to reflect on as we all know.

I don't know if there will be a need for such a celebration. I am going to spend what short time I have with my friend and their family however they celebrate Yule. If that means no candles, no circles, no quiet meditation -- it is still perfectly fine. It will be fantastic, no matter what.

So wish me good luck, and I will write again to you all very soon! (:


uncle said...

Good luck, have a great time and I'll see You when you get back. Love Uncle!

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