Thursday, December 27, 2012

Seasons of Snow

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Hello again, all! Man, I'm glad to be back to blogging! I hope everyone's holidays have gone over well. My Yule vacation was fantastic -- albeit without much snow at all. Maine is beautiful. There's so much to say about it -- but I'll save it. The entire experience was fantastic, but there were a few very emotional moments that are a bit much to write out in blog form. I think that's where poetry comes in. I'm trying to fill my new mini moleskine notebook with poetry... wouldn't that be nice to finish before next semester? Then I'd have all that material to edit and revise.

It is snowing now -- the day after "Christmas," which my parents celebrate. Consider this -- Yule was the first day of Winter, right? It was the Winter solstice. Usually it starts snowing in October up in Oswego where I go to school -- but this year I don't recall much in terms of really good snow. Last year was also pretty mild for winter.

I think the winter months need to be terrible. To fit the mood. To fit the season. It's supposed to snow in my corners of the world...

At least, with all the cold and bitter weather, we can then have a true appreciation of the spring thaw, and the days when the sun doesn't set before 5pm.


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