Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Trouble With Lovebirds

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Well... at least the trouble with my Mom's lovebird, Link...

Today was the first day that I got to spend with the birds that took over my room in October, since I usually am away at college. I've tamed down my own parakeets pretty well -- Quill still has an over-protective personality, but despite all that, they are generally well behaved.

My parents are kind of out of their element. The two birds that fell into their lives  were from a household that completely did not have the resources to care for them, and so they spent the last year in cages that were hardly ever clean.

The lovebird has been named Link mostly because of his color. He's...kind of a brat. Today, I fixed his cage a bit so that the door was more of a platform. I put some sunflower seeds on there and coaxed him out -- he's been in his cage his whole life, but for a few frantic moments. Well, needless to say he really wanted to be out. Which is perfect. Except, two hours later he still wanted to be out. No amount of treats and coaxing could get him back until he was finally tired of flying and made the choice to go back himself.

I think there's something to be learned from such a bird. It's alright that home is a comfortable place. It's where everything is safe and familiar. It's great to look forward to going back after a long time away -- that part is relaxing. But then... It's not good to rely on home being there forever.

In my life, I've been ready to move out of my parent's house for a long time, but I lack the means. Sometimes I still feel like I lack the means. But like the lovebird -- I can't stay in my cage forever.
That's the trouble with Link -- he taught us a lesson in his own chaos. And he's just a bird.


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