Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Subtle Subconcious Connection

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It has been a very long semester, but it is winding down now. Like the fall leaving us as it thunder snows here, the semester is about gone, too. A lot of work tends to pile up around this time, but I try not to let it get the best of me. I try not to dwell on how stressful it is, because I have the opportunity to be here that others might not have.

So first, before I talk about the school work, which will be spoken upon in due time -- I want to tell a bit about how Empathy worked today. I have this class called The Living Writer's Series, which is for my Creative Writing degree. Today, a visitor came in, but before class I was chatting with one of the awesome TAs. She told me a few personal things right in the middle of the front of this class, and then told me she wasn't sure exactly why she was saying all of it. And I just laughed and responded that I get that a lot. Because I really do get that a lot.

Part of what Empathy does for a person who has that gift is connect everyone via the energy of emotion. (See my entry, Woven Between.) An Empath has the ability to understand exactly how the others around them are feeling, right down to pain, if they aren't well shielded against the energies. Subconciously, we are all aware of these energies. We know when someone's invaded our personal bubble, or when people are not paying attention, or being ingenuine. The people who speak to an Empath or feel compelled to trust an Empath subconciously realize that whatever it is, the Empath will get it and won't judge. They can't ever put that into words -- the gods know most folk don't even know the term 'Empath' -- even I didn't at first.

The only thing I can say to that is -- for my whole life, people have trusted me, even just barely knowing me. They put me in a spot to be a leader. I am the one with the advice. I won't judge. I understand. They tell me I get it, even if I have never been in such a situation.

I am honored that people want to speak with me, and I of course love being trusted. But the emotion of my own that I know I am great at feeling is nervousness. To be a center of attention is nerve wracking -- and although I am getting better at not getting so worked up about things having to do with people, I half wonder how I was born under these specific conditions that would result in an Empath.

Today, someone I look up to trusted me with a bit of information --  their "life story," as she called it, humorously. She is the TA, and the next step past TA is speaking to a professor. It's pretty awesome. The best part was that for the first time ever, someone realized that they had no idea why they felt like telling me these things. It's just a crazy check for me. Am I crazy? Am I making this all up? Nope, not today. Check. I wonder if I can put into words how much I appreciate these moments.


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