Thursday, November 29, 2012

Fare Thee Well, November

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I want to capture the last bit of fall before it really gets cold here in Oswego. Autumn is my favorite season, and I don't think that'll ever change. It gets really cold here really quickly, and I notice the leaves are only those brilliant fall colors for a short time. Now, that's not a short time to some, but to someone like me -- who admires the world around me as I walk from class to class -- it is never a long enough season.

I may have mentioned that it has started to snow recently here. The trees are withdrawing themselves -- their life is asleep deep in their trunks, waiting for the Earth to say her spell that will wake them up again in the spring. The sky above is getting ever more bleak. The clouds, as one person said today in one of my classes, are looking a bit angry. There's always a storm on the horizon.

In fact, we had a thunder snow yesterday in which my roommate may have heard the words of Thor, five feet from her face. She was not happy with the shift in weather and the strikes of lightning halfway between her class and our dorm room.

The thing about this first part of winter that makes me a little sad is that it really is the darkest. Yule will celebrate the return of the sun -- the waxing of the light, as they say. That marks the light half of the year. But winter, in its entirety, is still very dark, and very cold.

During the Autumn months, at the very least, there are some green places. It is still cool, but not yet dry, ill-looking trees and patches of snow over brown, dead grass. (Usually.) 

So, fare thee well, November. Take with you what bit of Fall is left and keep it safe until next season.


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