Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Another Blurb About Time Well Wasted

Hello all!

Today's update? Still not done with homework and it's 1am! Oh such is the life of a college student. I'm also writing like mad for the upcoming Creative Writing contest and also to submit to our campus literary journal, the Great Lake Review. I got an email the other day that also said SUNY Geneseo's literary journal, the Gandy Dancer is accepting SUNY-wide submission. I'm definitely going to try for that one too.

For outside of class writing -- now I'm working on revisions to poetry and a nonfiction pieces, as well as writing new poetry whenever I have a spare moment. Not only that, but "A Harrowing Path" is still in the works, however slowly. I've got all these great ideas going on for it, but lack sufficient time to type the written work up. For class though, my short story "Son of Dragons" is up for workshop soon...hopefully that goes over well. I'll also workshop "Where Lightning Rends Waves" next while I'm writing my third story, which I have no idea about a title yet. That's a constant-in-progress thing.

Anyway. I had better get back to homework. Soon I shall blog something worthwhile.


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