Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Here's To Being a Poet

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Hello again!

 Another day has come and practically gone again -- and I have been writing poetry, and am virtually out of ideas to blog about. I want to post poetry, but at the same time, I know it is not all ready to share in any seriousness. I need to be reading more pagan things, and once I do there will be material I can muse over. For now, here's to being a poet  --

Here's to never
how muses
and inspiration
actually work.
I raise my glass to that --
perhaps the mead will
help me figure
words out.

I need nothing more
than to
move them on paper.
Shift them
like the sands
in a north wind;
like the rocks
on the ledge
that leads down to
the lake
until they work.

And so, just as
my mind has
been shifting gears
all day --
my blog post
has become
some sort of
fake poem.

So those brave
to wish for humor --
have at it.
Here's to
a poet.


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