Sunday, December 2, 2012

Why Today Must Be Good

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Today was a pretty crappy day weather wise. However beautiful it seemed, it was raining. It was also exceedingly cold and so not worth going out to enjoy the rain.

But today had to be a good day.

I had conversations with a few great friends, and skyped with another quite awesome one. I took the afternoon off, I suppose -- there's work to be done, but I'm not in the business of stressing out over it right now.  My brain is already on vacation. I did manage to get my room cleaned -- last minute, of course, but all is well.

So how to make the day good?

Well, part of it is being as optimistic as possible -- instead of seeing that glass half empty -- it's half full. (Either way, still more room for mead. Think of it that way!) And another part is just seeing the beauty in any situation -- or realizing no matter what, there's something to be learned. The idea of Karma seems nice sometimes, too  -- especially in those bad situations where people just ... are not awesome.

Then there's coffee. Coffee makes any situation infinitely better -- bad weather, bad people, bad timing, bad luck -- think it over with coffee.

I wonder if you can tell just how much my brain has checked out by this post?


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