Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Buzzing of Spirits

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I hear ghosts. I'm not sure if that's strange or not. In the normal, mundane world, I have always had very poor eyesight. I think that has to do with why I'm not so much clairvoyant, but am instead clairaudient. Around this time of year, spirits of every sort just decide to up and walk. The veil, as they say, has thinned. It is around this time every year that I question if I am going deaf or if all that buzzing actually are the spirits' energies.

When I say buzzing, think for a moment of an older TV. Remember for a moment the electronic buzzing sound it makes when there is no picture, but it is still powered on. That, my friends, is a very low buzzing of energy. That is the sound I base other things on.

Now, this is going to be fun -- I am explaining to myself how exactly to write this intangible concept for everyone to understand.

Energy is everywhere. People give off energy, as that is a part of life. Things give off energy too; think of gemstones and herbs, for example.

Spirits have a different kind of energy, and when they are around, they too buzz. Each type of spirit (Human, Non-Human, Negative, Positive, Elemental, Tiny, Large...ect) has a different sound to them. Most things are high pitched and somewhat quiet. I find that when spirits try to speak directly to me, they get really loud. If they are just around, they are average or quiet volumes. When I hear the buzzing, I either tune it out if possible, or take a moment to listen. It translates in my head from buzzing to words. Sometimes not all the words will come through, just very strong key concepts. It depends on how the spirit communicates -- ones that do not use speech like Humans do will convey symbols. Some will communicate in a nonchalant, childlike fashion, while others will communicate in very proper "English." I've had full fledged conversations with some buzzing spirits, especially in the last five or so years.

Back to Samhain. The spirits are buzzing, and on the night of the full moon with Hurricane Sandy in tow, they were louder than ever. They are always around, but never so active as this time of year, I'm sure many Pagans would agree.

What I do to make it so I can't feel or hear them for a given time is take a chunk of Citrine and program its energy to block them for a small radius. The other night, one touched the bridge of my nose. You can bet I shot out of bed to get the Citrine and set up the shield. The reason this works for me is because I run on positive energy. I get worn down by negative energy. The Citrine is known to symbolize happiness and naturally carry very warm energy in it as the earth created it. That energy can be shaped and used (yes, by magic) to help against spirits. It's like putting up mosquito netting almost. I can still hear them outside of the small radius of the Citrine, but at least they can't get too close and wake me up (or touch my nose.)

The spirits are buzzing, people. Those of you who can, keep an ear out! Those of you who are inclined to believe, keep your eyes open. There are strange things between this world and theirs -- sometimes it is worth understanding them.


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