Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving in Terms of Deity

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Are we not thankful all year round? It seems like a pretty pointless question, doesn't it? In America, we have this holiday specifically to be thankful for everything and we sit around the table over a dinner that is far too large with all of our family members. We share stories of good times, and reaquaint ourselves to each others' presences.

But I can't say that is the only day during the year that I take a moment to be thankful for things in my life. I've had moments where just in the nick of time, I was able to somehow pull together enough money for food I would normally otherwise not have had. I always make sure that I thank those powers that be just because it would be selfish not to. I'm not sure sometimes what makes all this happen, but I grow less and less able to accept things as coincidence.

I have always held a strong point of view that Thanksgiving is just there to remind us to really appreciate what we have. We're only human, and some of us need a good reminder before it is far too late. Even some days, in the course of being mundane and going through the daily routine, I forget too. I have an altar set up in terms of reminding myself of my path, but I don't always sit down and thank those who deserve it most, in my opinion.

There's plenty that goes on during the course of the year that require just a moment of thanks. the Gods... Thanks for the patience to make it through the worst summer ever -- unable to get my job back. Thanks for the strength to make the choices and sacrifices needed to finally move out of my parents' house come Fall 2013. Thanks for the mental capacity to handle the courseload of each advancing semester and turn out with decent grades. Thanks for the tough love and helping me see who and what really matters. Thanks for whatever fate I have in store. Thanks for bringing me together with some really fabulous people. Thanks for letting that one moment not be of indecision. Thanks for that leaf I caught and the luck that it brought me. Thanks for the strange "happenstance" that resulted in the day I met a new and really awesome friend I otherwise wouldn't have ever crossed paths with. Thanks for the abilities I have grown with. Thanks for helping me see through the darkness between High School and College. Thanks for keeping my friends, family and self safe. Thanks for helping me hold it together and keep hanging on. Thanks for just being there and around, helping out in whatever ways you do. Just... Thank you. For everything.


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