Monday, November 5, 2012

Omens and the Space We Walk In

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Have you ever had a feeling of Déjà vu so intense that you had to stop for a second to make sure you weren't dreaming? Me too. Most of the time, they are for events that seem very unimportant or irrelevant. Here's my latest: I was in WalMart the other day with a couple of friends, and as one of them sat down on a display of televisions and told me of how she couldn't get only the black printer ink, I had the feeling I had given her the same advice -- get the combo pack, at least you'll have them next time.

Only, I'd never been to WalMart with her before. Ever.

This sort of thing sparks my mind into thinking about divination and the way any person can experience such feelings as Déjà vu. Any person can walk around and be observant of their surroundings.

When we are, we can start to pick up bits of repeating information. Maybe it's a seagull feather floating in the wind for the last five days. Maybe it's that little white butterfly that always seems to land on your right shoulder. Maybe it's the sudden change of wind and the darkening of the sky in what seemed like an otherwise perfect day.

I've learned that these seemingly little signs are called omens. And yeah, the word has some serious negative connotation. Usually we hear of "bad omens" or "ill omens," and the like... but there are such things as good omens. Sometimes we don't see them or understand them at first. I found that keeping a journal of really strange or repetitive instances tends to help a bit in hindsight. When something occurs in the future, writing possible omens down gives this moment of "Oh, I should've known." Which is good, for the most part. It teaches us in negative situations to be more observant, or in positive situations that karma just might be real.

One of the things that is important about observing is that you will need to trust your intuition. Some people are purely logical and can't fathom a world where it's alright to just believe something or will something just based on "feelings." I get that. It was a tough thing. But I learned really quickly that if you feel something is going to happen or is right, it generally will be. Sometimes, no. But for the most part, yes.

This isn't an easy thing -- I assure you. Each omen will mean something different to each person, even if there are common threads between cultures. (Take the White butterfly for instance...that means good or pure occurences in the near future across several groups of interpreters.) Sometimes common color symbolization comes into play -- yes, the kind studied in English and Art classes worldwide. The point is observing them, at the very least. They can be a symbol specifically for you right from the universe.

They say, I'm sure I've mentioned, that the chance of things falling right in your path are slim to none. If it does, it probably means something. My advice for today, along with this mini ramble of a post, is to simply pay attention. Sometimes it's worth it. You never know what's being said to you in ways other than the spoken or written word.


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